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Thursday, 16 October 2014

What pulls you off your bed?


"I find that when you have a real interest in life and a curious life, that sleep is not the most important thing."
--Martha Stewart

Its passion to strike cords with right alignment that pulls a phenomenal musician off his bed…..

Its hunger to deliver topic in every best possible ways to make his students understand, pulls a best teacher off his bed……

Its endless dedication in serving nation that pulls a prominent politician off his bed….

Its promise to deliver extraordinary values to his customer that pulls a Business empire off his bed every morning….

……while mediocre world keeps snoring on its warm bed till 8 in the morning.

The falling snow or rain outside don’t stop them….

The fear of being alone in the ride don’t impede them…

The petty criticisms or few obstacles don’t divert them…

They keep going their way. They cherish and enjoy their every moment in creating something of value….

In delivering something of importance.

In innovating something that world never saw.

So what is it that pulls you off your bed?

Or, what is it that keeps you awake all night long?

Is it your dream to be a dancer with something that world never witnessed?

Is it your vision to lead your organization or country to the Everest of success?

Is it your aim to be Messi of your career and Lady Gaga of your life?

Or is it to be Michael Jordan of your health.

…You can’t progress and be on the top of the game until there’s something more important than your sleep. Until there’s something that inspires you to throw blanket off. Until you wake up early every morning with the bigger picture in your mind.

What I found is when people has got nothing much to do they tend to sleep but when there’s something, maybe a goal, dream or vision  they don’t hesitate to leave bed early. Be it Benjamin Franklin who slept very few hours or Richard Branson who wake at 5 am live with inspiration to deliver best of the best to this world. Branson pulls himself off his bed with motivation to deliver best possible service to his costumers and that’s why he is able to have dream vacations on his private Necker Island.

Until you have vision that becomes your obsession you will not take a leap. You will not leave your bed. Your inclination for comfort will not fade away. You will not run extra mile.

Have vision to uplift others around you.

Have vision to be best of the world.

 Have dreams to lead the profession with unique innovation and exceptional service.

 Aspire to build your career so strong that no any storm or rough sea drowns you down. Plan to gift this world with your creation and thrive in your area so beautifully that world remember you for your work.

And this pulls you off your bed every morning. And you will start shining.

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  1. When you set clear goals or objectives for yourself, when you dream big dreams and then determine to become the kind of person who’s capable of achieving the kind of goals that you want to achieve. You convince yourself, at a deep, subconscious level, that you’re absolutely unstoppable. You realize at last that nothing in the world can hold you back except your own thinking, and nothing in the world can hold you forward too except your own thinking. You don’t even let your own thinking limit your potential.

  2. Thank you! And keep exploring and tapping in your potential :)