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Sunday, 27 October 2013

Why rise early in the morning?

It’s been a month that I have started waking up early in morning at 4:30 am. It required a lot of courage and determination to leave bed that early. It was not easy first few days but now it’s habitual; my body system adapted my new schedule. Leaving warm bed early is not easy for most of us but it certainly is not impossible; you as well can give it a try. There’s no side effect at all. The feeling I get on inhaling fresh air to my lungs is unmatchable. I can feel fresh air energizing my nerves and whole body.

With the alarm I leave my bed wearing a big smile in my face and feeling happy that I am still alive and healthy. I don’t forget to show my gratitude to god for giving me another wonderful day. Then after, I go for a walk which is another mystery of waking early. It helps me stay active and energized all day long. Walking even for 30 minutes make difference in your health. Getting back to my room, I plan my day accordingly and prioritize them. Once I set goal for the day I start working on it. Don’t you think it’s a good start of a day?

 I wanted you as well to feel the same way I feel waking up early; so I prepared this list of 11 benefits of waking up early in morning:

1.      You will get to smell cool fresh breeze that fills full of energy and enthusiasm in your body. It activates and revitalise your body and gives a fresh start to your day.

2.      If you wake an hour earlier than usual it adds 1 hour in your day. That means you have added 30 more hours in a month and 365 hours (15 more days) in a year (a year of 380days) which you usually waste taking sleep of 8-9 hours.

3.      Morning is the best time to plan a day ahead and work on your goals as it is the most productive time of the day. I do most of my blog writing in morning because the creativity in morning is extremely high.

4.      You can prepare well for your school or work in advance and show up there in time with more fresh and charming face vs. bored sleepy face.

5.      It is the best time to exercise and help your body systems work smoothly and boost stamina and immunity. Your body will thank you even if you add 30 minutes of exercise every day. Trust me!

6.       Mornings are the best time for yoga and meditation. 5-6 am is the best time for meditation as there is minimal disturbance.

7.      How long it had been since you saw the rising sun last time? It is another advantage for early riser. You can see and feel how wonderfully the rays of sun warm and slowly lighten the earth.

8.      There is very less pollution and traffic disturbance early in morning so you can do any of your work with almost zero distraction.

9.      Leaving bed early could be a reason to be proud of and it could be a motivation for others as well.

10.  You can have enough time to use bathroom (if shared by many), read newspapers, charge your gadgets and work on your passion.

11.  There could be no best time like morning to feel the beauty of nature. Be it dew on flowers or beautiful song of birds, all soothes your mind.

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 Have great time waking up early!

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