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Monday, 23 June 2014

I Didn’t Have Time Is Not a Valid Excuse

I am sitting on staircase of The Great India Place shopping mall this evening. It is one of the largest malls in India.

This is third time I visited this mall since I came to Noida last week. I feel great visiting here as I can see a lot of people in happy mood with their loved ones which eventually turns everyone on. Sitting on staircase I am typing this post on time management.

Giving excuse has been habit of most of the people now. The most common excuse people give for not getting their job done is that they didn’t have time. Most common excuses are: I was preparing for the test so I got no time for this project, Our relatives visited us so my work is incomplete, I would have done my work if I had not got to receive my mom from airport last evening, I have keen interest in learning Japanese but I am too busy with my job, I really love to take my kids to the zoo but I don’t have time right now, I really love building my social skills but I don’t get a single minute for it and many more.

            When you are assigned a task with a deadline it’s your responsibility to get it done. It’s too easy to spend time on things that doesn’t add value to your life so that you don’t find time to get your priority work completed. Our brain tends to generate excuses for not doing work rather than focusing how to do that job when we are in a habit of giving excuses. Giving excuse is avoiding your-self from growth. You may momentarily feel that you saved yourself from tough situation by presenting a real looking excuse but you are ruining your own growth and progress on the long run. For example, during my high school we used to think of some reliable excuse for not getting our homework completed. The excuses used to be like I had got to study for test of another subject so couldn’t find time for your subject or we had got a lot of work in science so couldn’t complete homework of maths and vice versa. But the one who suffered during exam were us not our teacher.  We don’t find time for getting our priority job done but we don’t mind having an unnecessary chat for an hours online or watch movies or going out with friends. This happens simply because we are now habituated to make excuses of not having time. And at the same time we don’t really want to do that job because the things that excite us always get attention and time. But please remember that to achieve the level of success very few people attain you must be ready to do take the path less travelled.  

More doors for opportunities and possibilities unfold if you keep on exploring. For e.g. I was too lazy to wake up early and go for jog 6 month ago but once I started, I set goal to run half marathon next year. I would never have discovered this new possibility within myself if I kept limiting myself inside warm blanket all morning lying unconscious. There is always much more opportunities for those who keep exploring and put their efforts doing things continuously. Resisting doing things you have to do is limiting yourself from achieving success and reaching newer heights. When you put all your efforts to complete as many work as possible within a day you will explore a whole new world. You can’t imagine how does it feels going to bed after completing so many tasks and being able to manage time for all of them. You will start seeing every day as an opportunity and will put extra effort the next day to achieve more. At the same time let me remind you that success doesn’t come overnight, it rather is a result of consistent daily actions over time. Don’t you feel that you totally wasted another 24 hours of your life with same gossips, fruitless chats and freaking movies while you go to your bed every night? Don’t you feel guilt that you are sparing your golden moment of your life in petty issues? Don’t you wish that you be a successful and have people singing your song? Well if all your answers were yes I do then why are you not taking actions? What is limiting from doing your job? Why don’t you fix that?
          Next time when you go to your school or office or to your clients you are not going to give them this excuse; by this I didn’t mean that you find some new excuse but I want you to get things done by the time management tips I am going to give you here on this blog post. I have read several articles and books from celebrated writers and speakers like Brian Tracy, Robin Sharma, Leo Babauta and Steve Pavlina on time management and I am simplifying them all in this one single post. Please read them carefully and introduce to your lifestyle you thank yourself for doing.

Review how you spend your time: This is the very first thing you have to start with while managing your time. You cannot plan or make time for any activity until you are aware of the fact how you spend your time. So just review your day before you sleep, make a note how you spent time and ask yourself were those all tasks really important for my success? Then you will come to know what your time killers are and you will want to kick them out of your life either.

Plan everything: Good planning always works and same is case when it comes to time management. Jot down all important tasks you have to do daily or for a specific day and assign certain amount of time for each of them. Planning can be done in a day advance or early morning. This is one of the key of success for almost all of successful people.

Prioritize your to-do list: As you have already noted tasks you have to do and estimated time to get them done. You now have to prioritize them. Do the job with high priority (the task that plays crucial role in your goal) first and so on. In this way you will not leave your most important task undone. One most rewarding technique I learned is to carry a small piece of paper with all the tasks I have to do on a particular day. It create a sense of responsibility and chance of getting those tasks increases by more than 80% as it constantly reminds and create a sense of urgency. Plus I hate to see any work undone on the list and put all the efforts in completing them as soon as possible.

Cut your time suckers: You have already reviewed how you spend your time so now it’s turn to kick the ass of time suckers. Your time suckers could be watching TV, Facebook or gossiping for several hours. Remember that you are going to be another very rare successful person so you must be open to face a bit of pain, difficulty and sacrifice. Reduce the time to 10-15 minutes per day on these all stuffs and see how much free time you will have to do your priority job. Also learn to say NO with smile when somebody tends to interfere or distract you.

Wake Early: Another timeless secret of successful people, they all wake up early and plan their day while rest world is dreaming. As I have mentioned in my post why rise early in the morning, If you wake an hour earlier than usual it adds 1 hour in your day and 15 more days in a year. Isn’t it cool to have enough time to plan, meditate or do extra load of work waking up early. Morning hours are best time to plan, read or do your work because there is very minimum distraction. By the time rest world wakes you will have your most important job done. So, go ahead and set alarm for at least 15 minutes earlier than your usual waking time.

Thank you very much for reading this blog post. I hope next time you will not make an excuse but will deliver result.

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 Have great time being excuse-free!


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