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Sunday, 10 November 2013

21 rules to be happy all the times

Its 6 am and I am here in my room in New Delhi.

 It’s an amazing morning with cool breeze and I am waiting eagerly to see sun coming up to warm the earth……
I am obsessed with blog writing so I started striking keyboard and pour my thoughts over laptop screen this early.
I am sharing the ways to remain happy all the times. These 21 simple rules to be happy for sure will make a difference in your life and you will become more charming and happiest person you will ever know. The list goes like this:

1.      Do the things not because you have to do but because you love doing them.

2.      Follow your passion and make it your profession. You will never feel bored and unhappy doing things of your passion because you will always have interest and excitement in what you are doing.

3.      Close the door, turn the music loud and dance like insane. This will uplift your mood within a minute and you find yourself enjoying a lot.

4.       Go out, smile and talk to strangers. It’s really something to try! (helps overcoming your fear as well)

5.      Be funny.

6.      Repeat the phrase “I am the happiest person in this world” as many times as you can. It works!

7.      Be kind to someone and help them do their work selflessly. More satisfaction means more happiness.

8.      Dance in the rain and see the rising sun.

9.      Look in the mirror, smile and praise yourself for who you are. You will find more reasons to praise yourself every single day.

10.  Play with kids. Talk, tease and make them happy to see them smiling and laughing for you.

11.  Go out; explore new places with your best buddies.

12.  Laugh Out Loud (LOL) not only whenever you think you should but always whenever you could. The more you laugh, more happier you would be.

13.  Get on the roof, count stars and talk with moon. Be with nature as much as you can.

14.  Treat every single person you meet with high value and respect. More respect you get back and more happiness would be in your bag.

15.  Feel and enjoy the moment; stop messing your head worrying about future and playing tapes of your past.

16.  Have pets; play with them few minutes every day.

17.   Set goals for every single day and achieve them even before deadline. Achievement brings happiness.

18.  Celebrate your weekend cooking your favourite dish. Being in kitchen is fun.

19.  Watch Mr Beans and other comedy shows. They make you forget your worries.

20.  Try doing something new every day.

21.  Learn playing guitar or other musical instruments.

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