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Sunday, 22 June 2014

Scientist’s way of success Unmasked

This Sunday morning I am here at my friend’s place in beautiful town of Noida, India. I fell in love with this enthralling city with all beauty and best possible amenities.

I just came back from Osho meditation center down the road where I learned and practiced Dynamic meditation. I never thought it would be such rewarding and relaxing. I enjoyed it a lot and loved the way positivity ran all my nerves and spiritual orgasm I felt. My deepest and sincere gratitude to the lady who helped me learn it in best possible way.

 Today, I have a very special post for you which will be of great value in your journey to success. I put a tremendous amount of effort to bring this post to you.

It’s been a week since I started interning at a company. The people I associate all day long are research scientists. I feel very happy and privileged for getting rare opportunity to associate with them. I always wanted to surround myself with a bunch of great people. Why? Because I always knew the fact that “You will dream, behave and be like the people with whom you spend most of your time”. I also knew that if you are the smartest person in the room, it’s time for you to change the room. It simply means to seek and build solid circle of people from whom you can always learn. Once you associate or have great peoples surrounding you, you will always get to learn, broaden your mind and grow. Five scientists whom I learn from are working together in a chemical research and development company for a project; I have very minutely observed these scientists and penned down their habits so that anyone could learn from them. Here goes the list:

1.      They are passionate: I have never heard these people complaining about their job or the work they have to do, not even once. Nor I have seen them watching the clock to strike 6 so that they can leave for home. They all work with a big smile and curiosity. I wondered how come these people never complain and just keep doing their job and I got answer within myself, its passion that make these people keep going. They are all motivated by their passion and love with chemicals. They love reacting chemicals up and watch every reaction very inquisitively just like a high school student does in his first day at chemistry lab. It feels like they will never be tired of doing their job even in million years. They find every single bit of moment is filled with joy and are more than happy serving their passion. This behavior of these people regarding work suggests any of us to follow our passion and go with it wholeheartedly.

2.      They are irrestible: Watching these people work even in lunch time or tea break is not a big issue. They want to do more and learn more. They are never tired of doing their job and are in love with it. They use every second of their job to create, innovate and improve their craft. When you see them working with all these dedication and motivation you will learn nothing but to be the one who give no excuses but takes action, to be the one who don’t complain but delivers result and to be the one who loves his work and work real hard to quench his thirst of knowledge. No matter how many books you read or videos you watch on success, you will NEVER SUCCEED until you turn these ideas to action. So second secret is to be workaholic!

3.      They talk politics and entertainment less often and innovation very frequently: When I join them in their cabin, what I hear all is about innovation, ideas and ways to improve their work. They don’t care whom Rihanna is recently dating or what did PM said defending his minister. These things have got nothing to do with them and they believe it’s either entertainment or success; you can’t have them both at the same time. You have to sacrifice one for the sake of other and it’s up to you which one you are willing to take.

4.      They focus on their work monomaniacally: Most people find it very difficult to focus on their work and become victim of distraction very easily. And the one who has guts to say NO to distraction and yes to work are ultimate achievers. When I am in lab with scientists I find them guided by one motivation and it is to deliver the product of highest quality and purity and that’s even before the deadline. They are willing to put all the efforts possible to make their work world class and commendable. They are not distracted easily nor involve themselves in unproductive talks. They know value of time and make use of every single moment of it. One most important quality I observed in them is they focus on only one work at one time until they master it and achieve the success they wanted.

5.      They are risk takers: It is well said that, “when you stop taking risks, you stop living life.” Those who take risk and push every often a bit more harder beyond the boundary is likely to achieve exceptional results over time. Hence, another priceless habit I observed being in company of scientists is to take risk. If you are afraid of taking risk and moving from where you are to where you want to be you will never grow and will stuck with the place, job, work and life you never wanted. So please go ahead and take risk.

6.      They never give up and are optimistic: Yes! You read it right. They never give up on their job until they produce the result. If their plan or technique fails they go through the minute details and find out what exactly went wrong and fix them right away. They are always optimistic about           their job and work and always are visionary. They always respect innovation and listen to new ideas very carefully and brainstorm about the topic. They are hungry for knowledge, they never feel that they know everything and are always open to learn and discover. Please remember that, the day you think you know everything is the day you stop learning.

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