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Saturday, 2 June 2012

What after SLC?

Congratulations!! For  success in your SLC. Now you must be wondering what’s next. Its not a question only u think of, as its common to all students at this stage. The decision you take at this time must be supporting for your future.
I remember when it was my time most of my friends were undecided about their future plans. They were not firm on their decision for which they changed the subject later on. It mostly happens with Science students. Basing on my experience and study what I must suggest here is to decide the course and subject what you really deserve.
It’s not like that you must opt for science if you are a distinction holder and go through education if you are only 55%. The latter one can obviously go through science if he has strong  desire for that. Before deciding any course/subject know yourself. There is no one who knows you better than yourself. Don’t fly in fake compliments or unexpected result in exam that ultimately will lead you to vain. Be positive and have desire to learn and make your life beautiful and successful one. You may take help of your teachers, parents or elder students.
I was about to end this article on above stanza but what ultimately stopped is freedom ghost. What I am trying to indicate  is the feeling of ultimate freedom by SLC students. Most of them think that its their college life and they really gonna enjoy that. Unfortunately, this will mislead you to wrong path and you may destroy yourself. I know some of my friends ruined themselves after SLC as they were misguided by this thought. Its not the freedom rather you are provided with more responsibilities to build up your life. Its bitter truth that all your fun ends with your schooling coz you have to study hard here.
All the best. Remember choose the subject of ur intrest.
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