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Thursday, 26 June 2014

Why Listening To News Sucks!

I am on my peak level of performance this week. I am making time for morning exercise, meditation and also for reading and writing jobs in the evening. I feel proud of myself every night when I go for bed as I have so much to say when it asks me how you spent your day; otherwise I would have felt guilt for wasting another golden day of my life.

I hope my articles are helping you improve in one way or other….

This blog post is another rare and powerful bullet shot in your belief that you must listen to news in order to stay updated of what’s going around the world. At the same time you are unaware of fact that how exactly listening, watching or reading news is hindering your success and robbing your life from yourself. I can assure you that after reading this post you will not want listening to the news and would be very selective while listening to the news.

What do you see in news? Let say, for instance newspaper, front page of political hate speech between leaders, government’s failure in completing the projects, parliament’s unsuccessful meeting, death of some celebrity or leader and raged people’s strike. As you turn pages you will see number of news on murder, rape, bomb blasts, sexual harassment and assault, flood, child labour, malnutrition, pollution, environmental deterioration, failure of technology, plane crash, fire, bankruptcy, corruption and a few pages supplement of celebrity scandals. This repeats almost every day; if anything changes then it’s the name of victim or criminal and place of incident. Similar is case in digital media; broadcast of all these negative news. Now you must be thinking what’s wrong in this? Well, keep calm I will explain you.

1.      News plant seed of negativity:
Most of the highlighted news (more than ninety percent) are negative as cited above. When you constantly feed your brain with these negative fodders you can’t expect to think positive because you be, act and behave what you see and listen most of the times. You eventually will be pessimistic of your life and goals because you just read news of failure, betrayal and bankruptcy. You start thinking and behaving in the way that this world is full of negative peoples with negative intension and they could harm you anytime versus this world have vast opportunities with amazing peoples and potential friends who can help you even without knowing you. If you let this seed grow within you by watering them every single day with negative news you are bound to be most negative person in the block.

2.      News loot your emotion:
News has become nothing more than a commodity sold to the masses to make them believe what news media want them to believe. And you do exactly the same; you simply trust what they say and give all your emotions to news. When you listen to news of murder, rape and blast killing hundreds of people you feel sad, angry, depressed and disappointed. Negative emotions are growing inside you simply means some chemicals are released in body. For e.g. when you are angry, Adrenaline is released which causes your heart beat surge and rise in blood pressure while release of mood boosting chemicals like serotonin is decreased.  You feel a sense of fear when you hear news of murder in your city. You feel emotionally very low and cultivate negative emotions within you which have detrimental effect on your body and your level of performance. You are killing yourself inside. You are stiffening your heart with fear, anger and rage. Please lock my following words in your mind: whatever happens around this world could neither be changed by your emotion nor you could do anything about the blast in Iraq or murder in your town so why the hell are you giving yourself a slow death by listening them? Go ahead and stop watching or reading such devastating news for the sake of your life and emotions.

3.      News robs your most productive time:
Morning is the most productive time of day with very minimum distraction and high flow of creativity. You can’t afford to waste such beautiful moment by reading newspaper full of tragedy or watching news carefully designed with motive to sell their tragic story and attract public attention. When you start your day by absorbing news which creates fear, anger and negative emotions how can you imagine a wonderful day ahead? And if you check fifteen minute news during day you will take another 45 minutes to focus back on your job. You are entirely wasting time for things that has got nothing to do with your personal growth. Rather read autobiographies of successful personality, Personal growth and self-help books that fill your brain with motivation and help you jump start your day.

4.      News divide people and induce war:
I have seen people who fight among themselves and get divided when news of ongoing verbal war between two leaders get surfaced. They abuse each other and indulge in totally worthless altercation and even break each other’s jaw. If same thing happens between two countries atom bomb starts falling in no time. Fights between races, religions, caste, creed or origin are induced by news where thousands of innocents are killed. For e.g. if one Muslim kills a Hindu in any part of country the news serve as inciting agent to raise tension among Hindu and Muslim all over the country and it turns out to be a battlefield.    

 What’s the solution then?
Avoid news. Yes! That’s right. You might have heard that most of successful players and teams avoid news in any form just before their match so that they can deliver their best performance. You might be thinking that I will miss many things if I avoid news. But you can’t know everything even after watching news. If anything important happens that you must know you will get to know; someone will definitely discuss in your school or office or even may give you a call. People watching news loves discussing news so you will not left behind in any way.
Next, only read or search the news that matters. Subscribe to news you only want to hear or directly go to Google and type news you need. For e.g. If you are a cricket or football freak go to sports site or magazine, don’t pick daily newspaper or wait till end on TV news show to see all negative news. Rolf Dobelli, a Swiss author once wrote, less news you consume, the higher the advantage you have.  Be very selective on news you listen and newspaper and magazine you subscribe. This way you will only feed positive emotion and release higher amount of serotonin which keeps you happy and positive. After all why should you care why are your leaders fighting? Or what’s your advantage if Katy Perry just broke with her fiancée or Messi is on holiday with his girlfriend. The crimes aren’t going to stop by you watching news or avoiding them, they will be the way they are. So I don’t see any point on consuming these news junk.

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